ALPHA++ Documentation

Last release: 5.1 - SLC3 release!

ALPHA++ project description

ALPHA++ Lite is a portable version of ALPHA++, that only relies on ROOT (and Qt for the AlVisu part). It is able to read converted databases in the ROOT format, available on /castor/

The main goals of the ALPHA++ project are

Getting started

ALPHA++ Lite is distributed as a single compressed tar file, containing the code for the librairies, some examples of applications, and the AlVisu graphical tool.

In order to compile all the code, you must configure properly ROOT and QT. A bash script for LXPLUS is provied as example. On Lxplus, just source it (for bash).

The code is then compiled by typing make qmake;make . Note that a change of version of Qt may invalidate the AlVisu Makefile. You must then re-issue make qmake. It is otherwise not needed.

First check the alpha++.input file to comment the SETY line (only needed when AlVisu is used). You can see the two ROOT files accessed by default on CASTOR. Staging these files may take some time at the beginning of the execution.You can then run the default example (acoplanar) by typing Linux/acoplanar -l0.


ALPHA++ User Guide (version 0.1) [PS] [pdf]

Other userguide-like documents can be found on the old alpha++ page.

ALPHA++ is using: ROOT and Qt .


Graphical Tool

Note that the installation and configuration instructions are much more simple when AlVisu is installed as part of ALPHA++ Lite, as discribed before. Once make has been issued, AlVisu can be run simply by typing Linux/AlVisu.

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